Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Smell New Orleans Flowers

My mother will tell you that, even as a child, I have always been one to stop to smell the flowers.  That's why I'm happy to live in New Orleans.  I smell New Orleans flowers every day.  They're everywhere.

Here is Exhibit A:

Smell this New Orleans flower.

I'm no botanist.  I don't know the names of any flowers not called roses, daffodils, or tulips.  If I knew all the kinds of flowers I see in New Orleans, I'd be an encyclopedist.  There is that many flowers.  Anyone who wants to walk down any street, any street, any, to smell New Orleans flowers can do it whenever they want to.  New Orleans air is a perfume of sweetly scented pollen---not the kind you're allergic to.

New Orleans is a city full of details, floral, arboreal, architectural, culinary, and cultural.  It is easy to get lost in a New Orleans state of mind.  There is so much to look at, so much to taste, to touch, to smell, and to hear.

People who live here love it for very good reasons.

Exhibit B: another New Orleans flower.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like to smell New Orleans flowers.  Nobody is that hard headed.  When you visit New Orleans, you should stay in a real neighborhood, a neighborhood with lots and lots and lots of flowers.  Which leads us to:

You should smell this New Orleans flower.

A Word From Our Sponsor:

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