Thursday, November 21, 2019

New Orleans Flowers

When New Orleans dreams, the city dreams in technicolor and surround sound.  New Orleans' streetscape is a dreamscape.  You never know what you'll find when you turn a corner in this kaleidoscope of a city.  When New Orleans is good, it is very good.  When New Orleans is bad, it's even better.  New Orleans flowers bloom in all sorts of colors.

Make a wish.

You don't have to tell me what it is.  I don't need to know.  Carry that silent wish in your heart.  In a New Orleans state of mind, what you need is what you'll get.  You belong in New Orleans.  Even the worst day in New Orleans is better than the best days in Paris.  New Orleans flowers smell sweet.  Open your nostrils.

Inhale.  Exhale.  Soak up authentic New Orleans.  Live here.  Love here.  Laugh here.  Look around.  You have friends in New Orleans. 

Nobody is a stranger in New Orleans.  Everybody is a friend you are about to meet.

Something is always in bloom in New Orleans.  The very air is perfumed.  You have your boutique New Orleans and you have your down-and-out New Orleans.  Everyone is lucky in New Orleans.  New Orleans is a city of parti-colored flowers.  

Mantle in the sitting room in La Belle Esplanade, the #1-rated place to stay in New Orleans since April 2014.

Make a wish in New Orleans.  It is sure to come true.

A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR:  When you visit New Orleans you should stay at La Belle Esplanade.  La Belle Esplanade is the small New Orleans hotel that will respect your intelligence.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here, because you do.

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