Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Orleans State of Mind (Part II)

Be yourself.  That's the New Orleans way.  If you can't be yourself in New Orleans, who can you be?  In a city of kooks, cranks, crackpots, eccentrics, larger-than-life characters, caricatures, legends, chefs, debutantes, royalty, captains, big shots, big chiefs, and big dreams, everyone has a place in New Orleans.  Ask anyone who lives here.  Welcome to the New Orleans state of mind.

Be yourself in New Orleans.  That is all anyone expects.  Be the best self you can be.  Everyone will root you on.  

Seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels find New Orleans a pretty sweet spot.  One of the Buddha's fingernails is in a stupa in New Orleans.  Ponce de Leon was off by 600 miles.

Why do people choose to live in New Orleans?  Some psychologists will tell you that it's because they have a death wish,  ICD-10 code F43.25.  As the DSM-V defines it: "Adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct."  There is nowhere else like New Orleans.  New Orleans brings out the best in people.

Maybe, one night, you'll find yourself wandering down a lamplit street in back-a-town New Orleans.  The air will be heavily pregnant with possibilities while you whistle past the graveyard.  Do I smell ginger?  Look at the sidewalk:

The streetlight flickered off when I took this photo.
And, then it flickered on, again.
Who would paint a graffiti picture on the street of a whale chasing a paint brush?  And, who would take the time to paint it so that it looked like the sidewalk was the ocean?  This artist was a real artist.

What is the meaning of this strange sign?  Why would a whale chase a giant paint brush over the seven seas to get to New Orleans?  Ask yourself that question in a New Orleans state of mind.  The answer will be obvious.  There are many mysteries in New Orleans.  This is one of them.

Nothing is censored in New Orleans.  This is a city where Rex is King.  Misrule is the order of the day.  

When you enter the New Orleans state of mind, you enter an epic.  History unfolds in New Orleans through every one of us in a New Orleans state of mind.  There is no such thing as loving New Orleans too much.  We are all in this story forever.  When New Orleans calls, you've got to answer.

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