Tuesday, November 5, 2019

New Orleans Triangles

Believe it or not, there are AA meetings in New Orleans.  The symbol of AA is a triangle in a circle.  There are love triangles in New Orleans, too, too many to list here.  Geographically speaking, there are plenty of New Orleans triangles worth mentioning but we're only going to talk about one of them today.  It is one of New Orleans' hottest neighborhoods.  It is the Fairgrounds Triangle.  

A beautiful New Orleans morning in the Fairgrounds Triangle.

Of all the many New Orleans triangles, the one I love best is the Fairgrounds Triangle.  I love it more than even the Marigny Triangle.  A lot of people do.

I walked our dog today in the Fairgrounds Triangle, probably the least known of New Orleans' triangles.  We walked between Onzaga Street and Castiligone Street.

New Orleans is a city of triangles.

You'll never guess what the dog and I saw.

We saw a parade of plastic pink flamingos:

We saw a cat taking a nap in the sun:

We found peace of mind.  New Orleans triangles are like that.  They have equilibrium.  It is always a centering pleasure to stroll along New Orleans streets.  Everyone is friendly.

A Word From Our Sponsor:  La Belle Esplanade is a small, five-suite hotel located in a colorful mansion on a beautiful and historic New Orleans street.  We are a ten-minute walk from the Fairgrounds Triangle.  During Jazz Fest, we're a ten-minute walk from Jazz Fest.  If you are looking for a place to stay where you can experience the real New Orleans off the usual tourist radar, you should consider La Belle Esplanade.  

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