Thursday, November 14, 2019

Time Stands Still in New Orleans

God put time in a bottle and then he poured it out over New Orleans.  It's a wonderful world.  Blessed are the poor in spirit because their's is the Kingdom of Heaven.  In the meantime, we have got New Orleans.  Sanctus, sanctus, NOLA.

Statue of St. Peter Claver on the corner of N. Prieur and St. Philip Streets.


New Orleans is a city that is both universal and predominantly Roman Catholic.  That said, the oldest Greek Orthodox Church in the Western Hemisphere is in New Orleans

Patron Saint of France and, by adoption, New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans has a particular fondness for St. Joan of Arc.  Whether people are particularly religious or not, or Catholic or not, they reserve a special place in their hearts for the Maid of Orléans.   People I know do, at least.  I can't speak for everyone.

The Krewe of Joan of Arc rolls one of the parades that opens the Mardi Gras season every year.  Your humble narrator is a member of La Krewe de Jean d'Arc.  Time stands still in New Orleans while traditions, once started, march into a better future.

Organizations abound in New Orleans, religious and otherwise, respected and nefarious.  New Orleans culture is densely woven and richly textured.  Everybody know everybody, and, if they don't know them then they know somebody who does.  Everyone has a reputation in New Orleans.  We have our sinners and we have our saints.  Which would you rather be?  In a New Orleans state of mind, there is room for everybody.

No matter your denomination, even if you're an atheist, you'll find a spire within sight that will inspire you in New Orleans.  The city is chockablock with churches.  There is even a church of yoga.

Somebody else's motor scooter parked on the side of The Church of Yoga in the 7th Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana
The various churches' parishioners find their church's robust community a good thing.  


The City of New Orleans is full of slack power lines, leaky pipes,  clogged storm drains, potholed streets, treacherous sidewalks, social vices, and rampant voodoo.  It's no wonder people in New Orleans like to take refuge from the world around them in a church.

I don't mean to make New Orleans sound awful.  It's not.  Sanctus, sanctus, NOLA.  Angels consciously choose to reside in New Orleans.  When New Orleans was founded, the name Philadelphia was already taken.

Time moves differently in New Orleans.  It often seems like time stands still in New Orleans.  Values are different.  This is not the most efficient city in America.  New Orleans is, however, the most unique city in America.  It is better to stay a week in New Orleans than a week in, well, I don't want to offend anyone----you now what I'm getting at.  There is nowhere else like New Orleans.

Follow people's eyes as they look to the skies in New Orleans.

New Orleans is a city in which past, present, and future mix it all up in front of your own eyes, and you're a part of it in the heat of the moment.  You have to be in it to believe it.  In a New Orleans state of mind, everything is possible.

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